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More than 400 million people around the world turn to Pinterest for inspiration and positivity, and to plan for the future, providing unique data on cutting-edge trends and offering advertisers unique insight into what consumers will buy in the coming year.

As brands grapple with an ever-changing marketplace, Pinterest trends remain strong, helping businesses reach their target audiences, who access Pinterest early in the shopping experience with commercial intent. unique and incomparable. In fact, Pinterest shoppers have 85% larger carts than shoppers on other platforms (Source: Dynata, USA, 2021 shopping among people who use Pinterest on a monthly basis and people who use other platforms in combined fashion and beauty verticals, April 2021).

“People come to Pinterest to plan what to do next, so we know the future first-hand. We carefully analyze the particular shape of search and behavior data on our platform, so that we can predict trends months before they become mainstream, we don’t just see what’s hot right now. This is just one reason why our annual Pinterest Predicts report is always so highly anticipated by consumers, creators, and advertisers. It’s like having privileged access to the next big thing. “

Andrea Mallard, CMO at Pinterest

This year, Pinners will be able to discover and test 2022 trends that fit their aesthetic through the platform’s first in-app experience. “Pinterest Predicts: Your 2022”Is a set of custom Idea Pins that will take Pinners on a journey that collects the ideas they liked, the trends they might have been the first to try, their most inspired month of 2021, and predictive idea suggestions. they should test in 2022. To find “Your 2022,” the user will need to open the Pinterest app on iOS or Android and click the link in the home feed.


The power of jewels. To shine, my love! Generation Z is moving away from the predictable and opting for non-traditional accessories. The body conquers the scene with constellations of pure radiance: from gems on the teeth to crystals on the eyelids. The body is the limit.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:


Checkered world. In this year of change, the floors, the clothes and even the nails are dressed in plaid and come out to win. The mosaics, from hypnotic to sober, print a geometric dimension on clothing. Men’s fashion is not far behind and embraces the trend. Millennials and boomers alike are squared off.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:


Authentic delicacies: This year, we return to the origins. In 2022, Gen Xers and Boomers are taking a break from molecular cooking and turning their attention to traditional recipes, hunting for ancient aromas and long-forgotten tastes. Sharing the roots becomes a feast.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:


In Praise of Curves: Design prediction for 2022: we will succumb to the allure of curves. Especially at home. In decoration, it is invested in curvilinear pieces of all kinds: from curved sofas to kitchen islands. Millennials, Gen Xers, and boomers embrace this round trend.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:


All-inclusive disconnection: The new adventure is to escape to paradises of sweet laziness and leisure. In 2022, people will want to realize their dreams in resorts where they do not have to lift a finger. Gen X adventurers, millennials, and boomers are hanging around and looking for all-inclusive packages. Another piña colada, please.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:


Flexercise: Low impact exercises are the new thing in high intensity. This year, the trend across all age groups is flexible: embrace smooth movement styles. Activities like a daily routine of stretching or walks in nature take more value. The idea is to enjoy the movement and flow without pressure.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:


Destiny festivals: The change of course calls for a party. Millennials and boomers know it. In 2022, events ranging from adoption to the empty nest take center stage. Difficult breakup? Is celebrated. The celebration marks new beginnings with festivals worth remembering.

Year-on-year increase in searches for:

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