Pinterest revolutionizes with its new shopping functions

Over the past year, e-commerce adoption around the world has accelerated rapidly. Despite this, all the results were not positive, something important was left behind: inspiration. According to an internal study by Pinterest, 89% of Pinners who access the platform on a weekly basis use Pinterest to be inspired by their shopping journey (GfK, study “Pinterest Path to Purchase” among users who use Pinterest weekly in the category). This is because Pinterest includes inspiration in every part of the buying process, and not just for Pinners, but also for advertisers, merchants, and creators.

Last Monday they released several new updates so that continuing to shop on Pinterest is inspiring for its more than 400 million monthly users around the world. One of them is to expand considerably your suite of shopping solutions for advertisers. Now it’s easier than ever to reach users and turn them into Pinterest shoppers, ready to buy.

Collections slide show

On Pinterest, shoppers have 85% larger shopping carts than on other platforms and spend twice as much per month. The new solution they incorporate aims to help advertisers encourage that behavior of larger carts: slideshow of collections.

The slideshow pulls products from your catalog and automatically generates an attractive ad. This new tool helps you easily produce lightweight video content that is dynamically created and tailored for each buyer.

They develop slideshows based on two key facts about Pinterest shoppers. One: they love videos. And second, they allow them to actively consider and explore more than one product at a time, leading to larger shopping carts.

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Pinterest merchant details

On Pinterest, shoppers don’t just fall in love with a product, they fall in love with a brand. In fact, 7 out of 10 users say that Pinterest is where they go to find ideas, products or services they can trust. That behavior led them to expand their Verified merchant program, which helps Pinterest users discover valuable brands.

As part of that expansion, they are now announcing merchant details, which allow brands to display their values ​​on the Pinterest profile. Select brand values, such as “Responsible production”, “Committed to good causes” and “Inclusive culture” to display on your profile. You can also add details that highlight a community you belong to, such as “Owned by a black person,” “Owned by a Latino person,” “Owned by a woman,” “Owned by an LGBTQ + person,” or “Owned by a person. with disabilities ”, among other options.

Idea Ads with paid association

Creators are an essential part of Pinterest, bringing inspirational content and expertise to the platform. They are rapidly expanding their tools to help creators make more money on Pinterest, and that is also generating new partnership opportunities for brands and advertisers.

This new format is a joint partnership between creators and advertisers. The creator generates an Idea Pin and tags a brand partner. From there, the advertiser can promote the Idea Pin as an Idea Ad. This type of partnership helps both companies and creators to spread their content and reach a wider audience.

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