Pinterest launches new experiences and products for creators and users of the platform

Pinterest presents worldwide a new set of experiences and products for creators and users. It is one more step in its evolution to become the home of the next generation of creators. In his second annual festival of Pinterest creators And with the participation of Megan Thee Stallion and Storm Reid, various Pinterest creators have introduced the new products.

New Pinterest features will allow creators to post high-quality material that generates engagement meaningful to their communities, while profiting from their inspiring content. These new experiences offer users more ways to view, discover, and buy content from the creators of Pinterest.

All-new display option

Among the main novelties, Pinterest has redesigned its home feed to offer users the option of “Browse” (Browse) or “See” (Watch) when looking for inspiration and ideas. The new “View” tab is a full screen feed of Idea Pins where users can scroll and interact with new content from creators. Show the best and most relevant Ideas Pins based on the likes and preferences of each Pinterest user. The “Explore” tab is an evolution of the traditional Pinterest inspiration feed. The “View” and Explore “options give users the power to choose how they want to be inspired. This new experience will be available on iOS and Android, in the markets where the Idea Pins have been launched.

ANDengagement significant

Pinterest presents “Versions”, A new way for users to respond to a creator’s idea with their own Idea Pins. “Versions” allows creators to generate a engagement more meaningful to their communities, inspiring them to take action. Unlike other apps focused on entertainment and scrolling Passive, “Versions” is designed to inspire users to try something new and allow creators to build a sense of community around shared passions. User responses will be linked to the creators’ original Idea Pins. These will be able to highlight featured versions of users.

As part of the release of “Versiones”, all Pinterest users will also be able to create Idea Pins for the first time. They’ll be able to do it with a variety of new publishing tools to make those Idea Pins more practical: interactive and seasonal stickers, thousands of music tracks with new editing features, new recording and video editing options, and a preview mode that helps. the creators to see the final result before publishing it.

Pinterest invests $ 20 million in Creator Rewards

Pinterest launches “Creators Rewards,” its first creator monetization program. The new program is Pinterest’s latest initiative to pay creators to share their passions and inspire a engagement meaningful through its content. Access to Creator Rewards is available in the United States through an all-new Creator Space where creators can manage their Pinterest presence with tools, tips, and stats. Additionally, as part of Creator Rewards, Pinterest also provides small grants for projects that creators want to bring to life. For example, starting a community garden, creating a wellness program, or funding a new style of beauty. Pinterest will issue a series of targets based on the engagement, Inspired by popular themes or new Idea Pins features. In addition, creators will have the opportunity to earn money by meeting these objectives. Pinterest will invest $ 20 million in Creator Rewards and other initiatives to support creators.

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Making shopping on Pinterest easy

Pinterest continues its efforts to make Idea Pins easier to buy. So now it integrates them with Try on, your augmented reality option for testing beauty products. This new feature allows creators to tag their Idea Pins with a new Try on sticker to add lip products. This allows users to try and buy them directly from the Idea Pin. To access this new feature, creators can select the Try on sticker and browse over 10,000 Test-enabled product links to add to an Idea Pin.

Additionally, creators now have the option to configure their Idea Pins to be automatically purchased by enabling purchase recommendations on them. The “Buy Similar Products” feature uses Pinterest’s visual search technology to recommend Product Pins that are visually similar to the content on the Pin, giving users the ability to buy what they see. With this new feature, Pinterest enables visual search in video content for the first time.

Creator Originals: Pinterest’s First Original Content Series

With a focus on the hottest emerging creators, Pinterest is launching a new serialized original show with more than 100 creators from 10 countries representing the best of Pinterest. Until January 2022, each creator will launch a series of original Idea Pins on a specific topic intended to educate, teach and inspire users. In Spain, celebrities, creators and publishers like Tamara Falco, Chef Bosquet, Arnau paris, Natalia Belda, Xuan Lan, Vikika costa, Delicious Martha and ChefClub they will be part of the series. Users will be able to discover the new original schedule in the “Daily Inspiration” sub-board that will appear in the search tab from tomorrow.

The content series will teach Pinterest users a new talent. After that you will motivate them to come up with their own version of the idea. Users can view individual Idea Pins in the series or view them in sequence for a broader experience

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