Pinterest launches its new Body Type technology

Pinterest includes a new one Technology based on body type to its suite of inclusive AI innovations. It’s a groundbreaking technology that identifies different body types based on profile, size and shape in more than 5 billion images on the platform. The social network uses this body type technology and previously published skin tone technology to define how its algorithms increase representation in feeds and search results related to women’s fashion and wedding content. These inclusive AI initiatives are helping to make Pinterest a more positive place, a place where everyone can see themselves reflected.

Since 2018, Pinterest sets the industry’s first standards regarding products and policies that promote a positive, diverse and inclusive experience. From developing technology that recognizes different skin tones and hair types to incorporating skin tone ranges into the try-on functionality for lipsticks and eyeshadows, Pinterest is committed to creating a positive, inclusive and, above all, inspiring internet.

«At Pinterest, we believe inspiration starts with inclusivity. That’s why we continue to develop inclusive product experiences that make it easy to find the best ideas. With the powerful addition of our new body type technology to our suite of inclusive AI initiatives, we have increased the representation of different body types on the platform by five in searches related to women’s fashion in the United States«. – Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Pinterest.

Inspired by user behavior and the important cultural conversation surrounding body image, Pinterest’s Inclusive Products team partnered with several internal and external experts Develop body type technology that uses profiles, sizes and shapes to identify body types in images. Thanks to this better understanding of visual content through computer vision technology, Pinterest has designed its algorithms to improve the representation of body types and skin tones in search results and related Pins. For example, if a user searches for outfit inspiration for a date night, they will see results that include different body types and skin tones.

Pinterest collaborations

Pinterest works closely with external organizations, experts and users to develop inspiring new technologies, policies and commitments that have the greatest impact on society. Over the past year, Pinterest has worked with the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), model and body acceptance advocate Tess Holliday, and Pinterest creators Natalie Craig, Kellie Brown, and Stefany Brito to address the needs of plus-size women. community to work. The information and feedback they provided was invaluable in the development of Pinterest’s Body Type technology.

Since 2018, Pinterest has set industry-leading standards for products and policies that promote positive, diverse and inclusive experiences by developing technology that recognizes users and gives them the tools to refine results by skin area and hair type. . Pinterest’s body type-based technology is the company’s latest step in fulfilling its mission to give everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, and will hopefully encourage other platforms to do the same.

Currently, Body Type technology is active in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will soon be launched in international markets, like Spain.

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