Pinterest launches a new feature with augmented reality for home decoration

Pinterest introduces its Try On feature for home decor. This is a new way for users to buy decoration products that they find on Pinterest through augmented reality technology.

Home decor is the biggest category on Pinterest. It has 3.37 billion search clicks worldwide in 2021. The Try On feature for home decor takes the shopping experience from the physical to the virtual, with the aim of helping users visualize new products from different brands in their spaces and turn your ideas into reality from your smartphones.

Lens camera search technology

The Try On functionalities, built from Pinterest Lens camera search technology, recognize objects in the real world and translate into online recommendations based on their recognition, products in stock through catalogs, and user tastes. Pinners will be able to adjust the product within the camera view to see how it fits in their space (scale) and how it blends with their home decor. As AR quickly becomes a reality for online shopping and interest in the metaverse grows, Pinterest is making it easier for the more than 85 million Pinners who engage with home content each month to move from inspiration to action. .

This is the third Try On augmented reality product that Pinterest has launched in the last two years, with Try On for lipsticksintroduced in 2020, and Try On for eyeshadowin 2021. Tools like these are what will allow Pinners to slowly adopt AR/VR technology as brands begin to transition to a more metaverse-focused environment.

The Try On function for home decoration launches in the US for iOS and Android with stores like Crate & Barrel, CB2, Walmart, West Elm and Wayfair, and will soon be available globally.

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The future of AR shopping on Pinterest

In the past year, the number of Pinners engaging with retail outlets on Pinterest has continued to rise. Pinners continue to use visual search to shop on Pinterest, and Lens camera searches are up 126% year over year****. Try On usage for beauty items by Gen Z and Millennials has increased by 28% and 33% respectively.

Since the pandemic began, we are seeing more digital shoppers than ever before, as millions of people now have virtual and mobile options to try before they buy, see personalized recommendations and gather information as part of their decision-making process. These behaviors happen on Pinterest every day, which is why we continue to advance technologies like AR Try On and make Pinterest a complete shopping destination that takes people from inspiration to purchase anywhere in the app.

Jeremy King, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Pinterest.

According Collison’s Foresights Factory, the mobile phone has already become the preferred channel for 34% of global consumers. Since the start of the pandemic, 40% of global consumers have made more purchases on mobile devices and 46% of shoppers say they would never go shopping without using their mobile. This figure reaches 50% in the case of generation Z and millennials.

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