Pinterest and LiveRamp are expanding their partnership to offer better global integration

Pinterest and LiveRamp have expanded their partnership to offer a better overall integration and for advertisers to reach their global audiences on the Pinterest platform in this way. According to a statement, this partnership will allow marketers to reach their customers on Pinterest with “seamless” activation Ramp ID, LiveRamp’s personal, privacy-oriented identifier.

Earlier this year, Pinterest announced its agreement with LiveRamp to offer brands that advertise on Pinterest First Party Data of the retailer for its campaigns on the platform. LiveRamp’s technology provides a “protected” space where advertisers can aggregate first-party data and data from the Pinterest platform in a secure environment. The new extension is based on exactly that: Improve measurement and analytics for advertisersThis in turn creates more opportunities for brands to extract value from source data. Buyers will be able to Reach audiences from retail media networks like Carrefour and AlbertsonsTake advantage of this LiveRamp integration with Pinterest.

The partnership between LiveRamp and Pinterest spans the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and select European markets.

«We’re excited to continue building momentum in our privacy-focused data collaboration and measurement partnerships with LiveRamp. We’re now making it possible for more sellers from around the world to get active on Pinterest without compromising control or privacy“, said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer from Pinterest. «Marketers around the world can now build better campaigns with LiveRamp and Pinterest, and build campaigns with the confidence that this partnership is sustainable beyond the elimination of third-party cookies and other ecosystem changes.“he added.

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«Every dollar marketers spend needs to be affordable and measurable, and we’re excited to give them the ability to seamlessly leverage RampID for people-based marketing on Pinterest, enabling better campaigns and better measurement.‘ his side explained Travis Clinger, LiveRamp SVP for activations and addressabilityand remarked: “By building an identity that can enable better data collaboration in the future, professionals can begin to build enduring brand and business value.«.

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