Pilot Manny Mora ends 2021 of dreams

 The youthful vegan rider, Manny Mora, has culminated a dreamy year, in addition to being crowned national champion of the two categories with the most displacement for experts, he achieved the top position in motocross of the Latin American Nations, both times consecutively.

ANDn what refers to the national motocross championship of the Dominican Republic, Mora achieved the great feat of winning the MX-2 category for experts undefeated, while he was also first in the MX-1, the last championship, he was also the best of the two groups.

PTo culminate the great year, Manny Mora, teaming up with the pilot Franklin Nogueras, won the two races of the MX-1 category, together to achieve the necessary score and win the great crown, the previous event, Mora, was also champion , this time with the Dominican Luís José Durán.

PTo complete his dreamy year, the brilliant and youthful cross-country rider received the great award for pilot of the year 2021 from the Dominican Motorcycling Federation, which is chaired by Mr. Carlos Finke.

MNow, this morning, in a message to pilots and fans, after wishing everyone congratulations on Christmas, he asked to always be patient and to his teammates on the tracks, not to neglect their training sessions, also, he thanked, first of all, God and his family, his team and its sponsors, Aggregates and Transport Mora-León, Gazelle Motorcycles, Yamaha, Santo Domingo Motors and the unconditional support of the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Lora, his personal physician, as well as Mr. Finke and the federation he presides over.

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