Pierriá Henry leaves Vitoria

After the Euroleague match against Maccabi in Vitoria, those responsible for anti-doping controls arrived and, in a room prepared for this, they tested the American Pierriá Henry. It was November 3 and, several weeks later, it turned out that the result of it was neither positive nor negative, but null. There is speculation about the possibility of the existence of synthetic urine in the operation. On January 13, he no longer played against Partizan in Belgrade. A soleus injury was claimed. Four games later he raised the alarm.

But from the club it is thought that there could have been deterioration of the sample in the conservation after the test. The player says the same thing, that he has taken refuge in his family and environment. He flew to Barcelona and then returned to the capital of Alava to witness the Baskonia-EFES. “The club has a problem, the team has a problem and the player has a problem”, said his coach Joan Peñarroya in the preview.

“The player is sure that he has acted correctly, it is a very complex situation. But I’m fine, the team is fine, we’re healthy and no one has died. I know that the subject has generated many doubts and debates on social networks. There are no precedents in basketball for the situation that affects us now and although many think not, the club’s statement is very clear,” added the man from Tarrasa.

According to Peñarroya, “the team has been aware of the situation for several days and it has not been comfortable living that situation. But it was what he played. It seems that the process is not going to be a matter of a few weeks and this can be extended. To this day there is not a player who can replace Henry but we are looking for someone who can fit in and help us improve. Someone will arrive ”, she sentenced.

Now you have to analyze the second urine sample and see the final result to get a conclusive opinion. The sanction, in case of positive, can go from three months to a lifetime suspension if you have a record, which does not happen with Henry. But what is obvious is that the club has filed a file against him (he had no other choice), which publicly supports him but, ultimately, he has to forget about him.

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