Pierriá Henry and Baskonia will go their separate ways

It is obvious that the “Henry case” existed. Four games without appearing and the official medical report for discomfort in the soleus of his right leg did not fully hold up. But Baskonia has decided to control the times and, a few minutes ago, issued an official statement.

“On the occasion of the performance of a routine anti-doping control on the player Pierriá Henry by the FIBA ​​authorities, FIBA ​​has proceeded to agree the opening of a file to the player and the provisional suspension of your license until its resolution.

Both the filed file and the agreed suspension do not derive from the fact that the player has given a result positive in the anti-doping control for prohibited substances, but it derives from a procedural issue ”, pray the note The positive, therefore, is officially a possibility and not a reality. The communication continues.

“Given that as long as the aforementioned file is not completed, the provisional suspension of the player’s license will be maintained, Saski Baskonia and Mr. Pierriá Henry have agreed to temporarily suspend the existing contract between both parties until the conclusion of the aforementioned file and while said provisional suspension lasts, trusting in a prompt and satisfactory resolution of it as soon as possible. Any news on the matter will be notified in a timely manner, ”she concludes.

The news was already revealed by Diario AS on Monday morning. Pending any decision, the club is probing the market for bases to make an immediate incorporation because the Badalona Copa del Rey is just around the corner. The arrival of an extra-community player is not ruled out, but discards would have to be decided every weekend in the ACB. Henry had a Senegalese passport.

On Sunday, after the defeat in Santiago de Compostela, Joan Peñarroya said that “it is up to the club to communicate what may happen with cases like this.” On Monday, the day of the Copa del Rey draw in Badalona, ​​the Team Manager commented that “we will wait to see what decision we make and we will communicate it”. Daulton Hommes, for his part, told the media today that “we are not at our best playing moment and of course we miss Pi”. Lastly, Marinkovic, in an interview with the Chain BE in Vitoria he has indicated that “we haven’t seen him since Thursday when we played against Barça and we have to accept that he won’t be with us again”.

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