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Photoshop web version now available with AI tools

Photoshop web version now available with AI tools

Adobe officially launches the web version of Photoshop for all users on paid plans. Now includes all the powerful functions of artificial intelligence (AI). Generative Fill found in the desktop version of Adobe Firefly, including Generative Fill.

The web version of Photoshop was launched by the company in 2021, which was in beta at the time. The company originally planned to offer this version for free to everyone, but those plans changed with the launch of Firefly.

More intuitive user experience

The design of the web version is more intuitive than that of the desktop version. So, Photoshop’s web interface provides a more accessible user experience. Tools that use similar or complementary workflows, such as resizing or cutting layers, are named and grouped in the toolbar to make it easier to navigate the software. On the other hand, Adobe has noted that new desktop features such as the patch tool, stylus, smart object support and polygonal lasso will be added soon.

The online Photoshop service will be included in all tool payment planswhich start at $9.99 per month and will not be available as a free experience at launch.

Adobe, the program’s owner, has no current plans to release a free version, even if it has fewer features. A little over a year ago they announced that they were planning to release a free game, but recently changed their minds.

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