Photos of Kylie Jenner covered in blood disgust internet users

This Tuesday, October 12, Kylie Jenner shared a series of photos of her on her Instagram account, in which she appears naked and covered in what looks like blood.

For more sordid still, the young woman of 24, who is currently expecting her second child, is crouched there on a ground covered with a plastic sheet on which the “blood” forms a puddle.

The legend that accompanies these gory clichés indicates that Kim Kardashian’s little sister thereby wishes to promote a special Halloween cosmetics range called “My Kylie X Nightmare On Elm Street”, in a nod to the horror film The Claws of the night.

The cosmetics mogul then unveiled an eye shadow palette and horror-themed lipsticks in a story, no doubt to attract consumers as Halloween approaches.


His provocative marketing to say the least was not really appreciated by his 275 million followers on Instagram. If some have suggested that they had been seduced by the “artistic” side of the photos, many complained of their “disturbing” nature.

“I find that repugnant, especially because she is pregnant,” complains a user who punctuates his complaint with a vomiting emoji. “What kind of satanic shit is this?” Another asks.

“What is this supposed to promote? Violence ? Who is this supposed to seduce? Serial killers? ”.

Some Internet users nevertheless preferred to take the party to laugh about it. “When you go to work with your heavy periods,” we have read many times, and actress Jenny McCarthy could not help but offer a tampon to Kylie Jenner .

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