Photo Weekly: Travel from Afghanistan to Hawaii with a Series of Snaps

Each week, the team of JT de 20 Heures offers a tour of the world through a series of breathtaking photographs. This week in Photo Hebdo, travel from Afghanistan to Hawaii without leaving your chair.

Each week, Photo Hebdo looks back at the images that have marked the news around the world. One of them immortalizes children leaving school in Afghanistan. Eyes are bright, but knowledge and hope have darkened. The volcano Kilauea, Hawaii, shines brightly. The latter erupted. Since Wednesday, October 29, fountains have been melting on the surface of the lava lake.

Swimming not for fun, but to continue living. On a photo, we can see a child present in the middle of a tide of water, in Thailand. The country faces severe flooding. But in other parts of the world, on the contrary, there is sometimes a lack of water. This is the case in Brazil, where the ground is cracked by the extreme heat. An alligator did not survive. This shot, where we see the animal lying in the middle of the damaged ground, was also rewarded.

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