Phorpiex-Botnet returns harder than ever before

Where the Phorpiex-Botnet was previously closed, it now seems to have reappeared. The malware is now further developed, with a new peer-to-peer (P2P) command and control infrastructure. This does not make it any easier to track down the Botnet.

Already traced in 2016

In 2016, the botnet was the first to appear. In a relatively short time, the malware managed to embed itself in more than 1 million worldwide devices.

The malware is programmed to generate revenue for its developers by exchanging crypto addresses copied to the Windows clipboard with addresses under their control or by spamming emails to scare people into paying an extortion request. .

However, after the 5 years that the botnet was launched and developed, the Phorpiex operators shut down their infrastructure. Now they seem to want to sell the source code of the malware on a hacking forum. This was shared on the social medium of Twitter.