Philippine: Undercover policemen killed by anti-drug agents

Two undercover policemen died on Wednesday, February 24 in the afternoon in Quezon, Philippines. They were shot dead by police officers from PDEA, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. A shootout started when the two policemen, in disguise, were buying drugs in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, as part of its operation.

This one, CNN reports, who came across PDEA agents, who were unaware of their coverage. According to CNN, shots were then exchanged, “whose circumstances are still unclear”. According to American media “the two policemen were killed and three wounded PDEA officers had to be taken to the hospital”.

Authorities launched a joint investigation Philippine National Police and PDEA and an investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines. General Ildebrandi Usana, spokesman for the police national, said the incident, “although serious, it will in no way affect the operational relationship and coordination” between the two services.

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