Philanthropy and Digital Assets, Your Link to Fungible Tokens

Cryptocurrencies have become a digital financial market that is open and available to everyone, where there is no need to use it. For more information access bitsoft 360 trading system.

To the point that, through this new digital financial system, large investors and owners of large corporations can converge, as well as beginners who just want to start in the field of crypto assets.

Although there is no support or legal foundation that controls them, cryptocurrencies have acted based on the support and trust of their users.

Over time, cryptocurrencies tend to adapt to the needs of the environment where, by managing to satisfy them, new forms of assets or new investment projects emerge.

Cryptocurrency mining and the environment

This is the case with cryptocurrency mining, where knowing that the mining process significantly affects the environmentthey began to design equipment and technologies that allow energy consumption and impacts on the ecosystem to be less impactful.

That is why cryptocurrencies are considered an economic-financial project that always seeks not only economic benefit by generating succulent returns, but also in favor of a better quality of life.

Those who lead the cryptographic project are the younger generations, since their ideas tend to be new and fresh in the face of a system that is possibly already highly contaminated by practices that are not good for the economy.

Unfortunately, financial institutions and states often make the mistake of wanting to control all situations that arise around a given economic scenario, but this usually brings worse consequences.

The freedom granted by the decentralization of digital currencies and cryptoassets, makes the number of followers and users who intend to invest and convert investments, for example in Bitcoin, into a way of life.

NFTS and art

NFTS arrived a few years ago with a new concept with regard to digital works of art, which acquire value and can be sold or auctioned for the price that the parties estimate.

These works of art often differ from traditional works of art in terms of creation, as any type of creation that the user finds interesting can be considered a digital work, from a Tweet to a design that requires more dedication. .

Relationship between philanthropy and digital assets

Two concepts that apparently can be completely different but there is something that unites them in this financial environment and that is the NFTs.

Philanthropy refers to the love for things and for the human species, where the way to demonstrate it is through disinterested help to someone or something in need.

Cryptographic technology and Blockchain have been compared as two elements that, without life, are fascinating enough to generate an unprecedented contribution to humanity that can change it in a transcendental way.

Through creating cryptographic projects in the form of NFTs that convey a message to society, they are trying to raise awareness and humanize society more.

The popularity and positioning of these digital financial assets are used to reach thousands of users who might even be interested in digital works that convey more of a message than just something funny that lasts for a moment.

An NFT project becomes a trend

Recently, the NFT Project called World of Women was created, where about 10,000 NFTs have already been incorporated.

These works of digital art reflect the current position of women in society and their empowerment with the drastic changes that society is experiencing, a feminist trend that reflects women from another perspective, the technological one.

Great entertainment figures gave their support to this project where the woman who at this time could be considered the head of society’s base is even more valued, consequently, she has a very complicated role in an environment totally modified by roe customs.

Yam Karkai, is the founder of this project based on non-fungible tokens, which has not only contributed to making women known in this new perspective and supporting charitable works for the development of women.

Conclusion on philanthropy and digital assets

This is yet another demonstration that the digital financial market is a completely different concept from the traditional economy, where it only focuses on consumerism and the development of new economic forms. Philanthropy and digital assets is a possible intersection to achieve actions with an impact on society.

The main beneficiaries are the States and financial institutions. These types of projects only aim at their own benefit, through currencies and digital assets, the objective is to diversify the financial concept for the whole of society.

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