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Philadelphia scandal: Doc Rivers fires Ben Simmons

And the bomb exploded. In the worst possible way and when it seemed that the situation was beginning to straighten out. After endless rumors, a change of opinion, forced situations and transfer attempts by both parties, Bem Simmons returned to training with the Sixers. And just a few hours before the curtain opens on the NBA’s 2021-22 basketball course, Adrian Wojnarowski has revealed that Dic Rivers, the team’s coach, has expelled the base from a training session and sent him home. In short, a brutality and a disaster of epic dimensions that leaves the Philadelphia franchise upside down and with the future hanging by a thread.

The situation has definitely turned ignominious and is seriously damaging the player’s reputation. According to revelations from various journalists linked to the NBA, the problem was that Simmons refused to take part in a training exercise, prompting Rivers’ decision. According to Shams Charania, the chain of events was as follows: Rivers asked Simmons to join a defensive exercise. The point guard refused. After the insistence of the technician, the base again refused. Rivers, at this, told Simmons that he should go home. The Australian dropped the ball and walked away

The situation is almost shameful for the entire entity, absolutely dynamited by a player with an excessive contract (the famous 177 million in five seasons that he signed in his day) who they have not been able to transfer after the insistence of the player and the wishes of the franchise. The incorporation to the training of the base has not gone as planned and in the filtered images everything has been seen: reluctance on his part, a huddle in which he does not enter, a certain disconnection … And it is still striking that even a player coach like Doc Rivers, always attentive and affable with his pupils, can control the excesses of that coming star unless he has caused a real earthquake in the NBA in recent months.

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