Pharmacies in Ukraine enable crypto payments via Binance Pay

Pharmacies in Ukraine are welcoming digital payments as the country’s war rages on. Several large local pharmacy chains now accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto payments available from today

For example, ANC Pharmacy, one of the largest local pharmacy chains in Ukraine, has started a partnership with Binance to introduce crypto payments. As of today, January 3, 2023, customers of the pharmacy chain can pay with crypto if they want to purchase their online pharmacy products. The pharmacy chain announced this via a blog post on their website.

In Ukraine, more than 1,000 pharmacies are operated by ANC Pharmacy. They also have their own online pharmacy service. Initially, customers in pharmacies in Kiev will be able to pay with crypto first, but this will soon be rolled out to pharmacies across the country.

To pay with crypto, users must have downloaded the Binance app. They can then go to the pharmacist’s website to pay with crypto there. They can then pick up the order at a desired pharmacy.

Binance is growing in Ukraine

In recent years, Binance has grown in size in Ukraine and has started several collaborations in the country. Customers of the Ukrainian supermarket chain called ‘Varus’ can now also pay for their groceries via Binance Pay as an example.

Since the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia, launching the Binance Card has reportedly been a top priority. The fact that this can be done quickly is partly because the legislation in Ukraine is not against digital payments. Using the Binance Card is legal in the country. It is worth noting that direct payments in cryptos are currently not yet legal in the country, but the Binance Card circumvents this problem by paying out everything in fiat money. It is currently unknown what Binance’s next step in Ukraine will be.

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