Pfizer hopes to develop Omi-Crown vaccine by March

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The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that it will succeed in developing a vaccine to protect against the new variant of the corona virus, Omi Crone, by March.

According to the French news agency AFP, Pfizer’s chief executive officer Albert Borla told CNBC that Pfizer has already begun work on the dosage, keeping in mind the interests of governments.

He said that as the authorities are seeing an increase in the number of victims of Code 19, a large number of them are victims of Omi Kroon.

“This vaccine will be ready by March, I don’t know if we will need it and I don’t know if we will be able to use it,” he said.

Pfizer’s chief executive officer added that a dose of 2 vaccines and a booster shot could be given at this time to provide immediate protection to those affected by Omi Crown.

However, he said that the vaccine developed for direct use against Omi Crohn’s would also protect against infections that could be very dangerous and would also be useful in other non-symptomatic problems.

Remember that before that I was told that Pfizer plans to begin testing humans on a vaccine specific to the corona virus type omecron by the end of January 2022.

The report quoted Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Michael Dulston as saying:

He said that this would be followed by clinical trials to compare the effectiveness of the new vaccine against omecron with the existing vaccine.

In a separate interview with ESBC, Stephen Bansell, CEO of Moderna, said that his company was developing a booster that would be effective against omega krone and also against viruses with similar symptoms. Arrivals are expected in 2022.

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“We are inviting key health leaders from around the world to discuss the best strategies for boosters in 2022,” he added.

“We have to be very careful not to get carried away by the virus, let alone stay behind,” he said.


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