Petro installs the new director of the Colombian Police and calls for “audacity” in his management

Bogotá (BLAZETRENDS).- The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, installed the new director of the Police, Major General William René Salamanca, whom he asked for “audacity to meet the objectives” after the departure of his controversial predecessor.

The president considered that in the eight months since he came to the Presidency “a change began in the Police” which has meant that “the vision of the Police before the citizens is better” because “things are being done well”, to your opinion.

In a ceremony in which several members of the national government were also present, among them the vice president, Francia Márquez, and the defense minister, Iván Velásquez, Petro sworn in the new leadership of the Police headed by Salamanca, who returns to the institution after you have retired.

General Salamanca affirmed that he will work to “ensure the success” of the Government’s security policy, which includes “providing safety and protection conditions for life, containing deforestation and contributing to the protection and preservation of biodiversity, safeguarding the integrity territory, sovereignty and national independence”.

“Our strategy is designed to last over time,” added the new director of the Police after receiving the baton from the president. For which it will implement “an austere and corporate leadership” with four guidelines: humanism, professionalism, honesty and innovation.

A controversial predecessor in the Police

Salamanca replaces Henry Sanabria, also General, appointed by Petro upon assuming the Presidency, last August, and removed from office on April 12. In the midst of a dissatisfaction of the directed by him for the lack of results. And because of his controversial statements that put him in the eye of the hurricane from the beginning.

His extreme religiosity, which he transferred to the work of the Police, and his words considered misogynistic and homophobic finally removed him from office. Despite the fact that he had the full support of the head of state.

Salamanca referred to this matter and indicated that they will launch an “institutional campaign of training, training and massive dissemination on the protection of communities or population groups in vulnerable conditions”, including children, women, environmental leaders, ethnic territorial authorities and the LGTBIQ + community.

Salamanca, despite being retired, was from the beginning on the list of candidates to lead the Colombian Police due to his closeness to Petro. Who appointed him as part of his transition team with the previous government.

General Yackeline Navarro, second in command of the Police and very close to Sanabria, with whom she shared her religious beliefs, was also removed from office and this Tuesday General Tito Castellanos was installed as number two of the institution.

The entry Petro possesses the new director of the Colombian Police and calls for “audacity” in his management was first published in BLAZETRENDS Noticias.

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