Petro calls for “impartial” justice in the trial over alleged irregularities in his election campaign

Caracas.- Colombian President Gustavo Petro this Friday demanded that justice be applied “in an impartial manner” as part of the investigation into alleged irregularities in his electoral campaign, an aspect that came to light on Thursday at the hearing against his son Nicolás Petro Burgos being money laundering and accused of illicit enrichment.

“It is with personal pain that I receive information about alleged irregularities in the course of the presidential campaign on the coast,” the president said in a statement posted to his Twitter account (now called X).

Against this background, he said that “no one can be above the law” but demanded that justice be administered “in an impartial manner, with due process and constitutional guarantees”.

Petro pointed out that it will be the judges, in their varying powers, who will legally determine what equates to; and announced that he had authorized Deputy Judge of the Criminal Casing Chamber of the Supreme Court, Mauricio Pava Lugo, to represent him.

“On the other hand, I will resolutely continue the President’s agenda. Nothing and nobody can stop the lifelong fight against all forms of corruption and the government will continue its task and commitment to a better Colombia without distractions,” the President stressed in his statement.

The confession

This is what the Colombian president said a day after his son, who is also a member of the Atlántico Departmental Assembly, assured the Colombian prosecutor that the 2022 presidential election campaign had been irregularly funded by his father.

According to prosecutor Mario Burgos, Petro’s son admitted that he “received large sums of money from Samuel Santander Lopesierra,” a drug dealer known as “the Marlboro man”; Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta, son of controversial businessman Alfonso “el Turco” Hilsaca; and Óscar Camacho, “a powerful businessman from the city of Cúcuta”.

At the hearing on the security measures, held Thursday at the request of the State Department, prosecutor Burgos said that with the funds received, Petro’s son “unjustly increased his financial fortunes, some of which went to his gambling halls, others to the presidential campaign.”

He also added that the funds used for the campaign “appeared to have exceeded legal limits and some of these funds would not have been reported to the electoral authorities.”

Petro Burgos and his ex-partner Daysuris Vásquez are being investigated for alleged money laundering.

Petro’s first reaction

On Thursday, after hearing his son’s testimony, the Colombian President distanced himself from any illegal activities during the election campaign.

“The President of the Republic has never required any of his sons and daughters to commit the crime, not to win, not to fund campaigns, not for anything to do with power,” he said.

With information from Actualidad RT.

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