Peter, the Amat 4.0

Peter was his grandfather and was a bronze medalist at the 1960 Rome Games. Paco, Joan and Jaume followed in his wake for two decades in which the men’s hockey team won another Olympic medal in Moscow, in 1980. They were followed by Santi and Polthe most popular, named best in the world by the International Federation in 2008, silver in Atlanta 1996 and, 12 years later, in Beijing. And now, with a parenthesis of nine, the last name Amat returns to the Selection.

At barely 18 years old, Pere Amat, grandson of the pioneer and second cousin of Pol, is one of the main novelties of Max Caldas on the Spanish list for the World Cup in India that starts on the 13th. Although he will act as a reserve, the young talent has been caught by surprise: “It was unexpected. I started recently and had no experience, but the group has welcomed me phenomenally”says the man from Terrassa, who admits that when he received the call from the coach, he thought it was to inform him that he was ruled out for this championship.

“He is a very good boy and very good,” explains Pol Amat, who now runs the Egara Club, where his cousin plays. “One of the first things he told me was that he wanted to know three concepts to defend better and get into the game. He wants to be an important player. That he thinks so young shows that he has personality and that he wants to learn”, added one of the captains, Álvaro Iglesias. And, in the middle, the barely beardless Pere, who has started the University this year and who is already among the greatest in his sport: “They haven’t seen my hair in uni,” he jokes. The attacker assumes that he will have to “do at least two subjects… “My mother tells me that he who does what he can is not obliged to do more,” adds the biochemistry student, in the process of assimilating the speed of events.

Pere Amat (bottom right).


Pere Amat (bottom right).

At barely two years old, Pere was already given his first stick. It was made of plastic and he used it at home all the time, especially when his grandfather caught a ball and started passing with his grandson. It was the way to instill in him a passion that has lasted since 1935, when the Amat family created the Egara Club. “I have only been able to see videos of Pol, since there are not that old. Everything I have known about them has been thanks to the stories they told me”, commented the player, who defines himself as “cheeky.” Although he combined tennis with hockey for a while, he was clear that “hockey was a priority.” “If not, they hang up on me.”

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