Peter Lim wins the fight against Baraja

From the club, Ché faced a complicated situation with his coach

Rubén Baraja has been instrumental in Valencia CF’s good development at the moment, but it still caused Peter Lim’s displeasure. And the coach of the Black and Whites has had a more than interesting season, with the club achieving several interesting triumphs. Of course, a mess with the Singaporean could have left him out.

Let’s remember that Baraja is a coach with conditions and that he had a group of important players, but with one of them, Peter Lim had some doubts. This led to a heated discussion between the coach and the top leader of the Mestalla team. The one who ultimately won the battle is the businessman.

Peter Lim Baraja
The coach was on the verge of leaving, but Gabriel Paulista’s departure was the key to ensuring that didn’t happen

From Peter Lim’s entourage, they were on the verge of removing Rubén Baraja from his position

In this way it was determined that the coach was on the verge of resigning from his position, but this ultimately could not happen. All of this is directly related to the character of one of the trustworthy men of the coach and who was against the Singaporean’s decisions.

In this order, Peter Lim would fire Rubén Baraja as he continued to constantly field Gabriel Paulista. Of course, with the departure of the Brazilian defender, the chaos ended suddenly, as he was not automatically renewed as stipulated in his clause. Due to the number of games he played, he would stay at the club longer.

Gabriel Paulista’s lineups drove the leader of the Ché team crazy

Therefore, the coach’s original idea was to continue betting on the Carioca player, but he had to give up when he moved to Atlético. Once again the figure of an Asian boss was imposedwhose decisions continue to cause controversy and draw criticism from Ché fans.

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Then we have to wait with the future of the coach. For now, the unease remains with Baraja, who had a firm plan, but due to Peter Lim’s statement, that will suddenly have to change. He will continue to lead the club because he loves the organization from the capital Turia. Of course, the relationship with the entrepreneur remains complex.

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