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Peter Lim takes the first step at Valencia CF to sell Cillessen

The way of seeing and understanding the market by the top commanders of the bat team has begun to change

One of the identity stamps on this one Valencia CF has always been the goalkeeper Jasper cillessen. However, and beyond their contribution, the full board of directors has agreed to start managing their continuity in the team to give their place to who they consider will be the new face of the area in the future.

In this way the days of the Dutchman are coming to an end, thanks to the fact that in conjunction with the sports management in the meetings held in Singapore it is planned to execute the purchase of Mamardashvili. The Georgian is the key bet, which shows that as he adds arguments, the figure of the veteran will be left aside.

Grigori mamardashvili
Grigori Mamardashvili will ultimately be Valencia CF player

With this signing Valencia has no doubts and will start filtering offers for Cillessen from the second part of the season

Official information says that the young goal will be a property player from the second semester of 2022. But all this responds to a simple formalism, since the payment made in two installments will begin with the first from day 1 of the year that has started. newly.

In July, the other half of 850,000 euros for which the deal with Dinamo Tiblisi was created will be paid. This document will be signed until 2025 and will have the opportunity to grow from the response on the footballer’s field. Thus, the figure of Cillessen is highly exposed, still adrift and waiting for a sufficiently attractive offer.

It is a bet for the future, a player in which they have a lot of illusion sown

From Mamardashvili they have all the best answers in sports. Player with a spirit of enormous growth, and who is capable of raising his performance depending on the challenge itself. For now they will keep it with the affiliate file, but once your final purchase is made official, it will have a professional file.

His salary will gradually improve and he is expected to start adding minutes on the field. The first six days it appeared and left great sensations. Now is the time to consolidate it, apparently starting with clashes in the Cup, and gradually in the League, which is the priority objective.

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