Peter Lim leaves Valencia CF because he did not guarantee the works

The fact that the Nou Mestalla is not part of the 2030 World Cup only proves that the Valencian is right that Meriton Holdings needs to sell as quickly as possible and leave the city of Turia

Of all the major stadiums in Spain, the Nou Mestalla is the only one on the tightrope of not hosting the World Cup, which is why Peter Lim has one foot outside the club. The most legendary venues such as Santiago Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Cívitas Metropolitano, La Cartuja, San Mamés and Anoeta have already been confirmed.

Both Valencia CF and the city council want the new sports facility to be part of the 2030 World Cup. But the reality is that work on the Nou Mestalla has been stopped for several years.. Peter Lim appealed to the local government for help, but demanded conditions that the Singaporean businessman appears unlikely to comply with.

EGD Valencia
The work on the Nou Mestalla will not have the full support of the Valencia City Council.

Valencianismo dreams of the day they see Peter Lim outside the club

The most ardent fans of the black and white team are ready to sacrifice the fact that their club’s stadium will not host the World Cup. If that contributes to the Asian tycoon’s demise. Valencianismo’s desire to get the owner of Meriton Holdings out has become an obsession. In fact, they see this opportunity as the clearest in many years.

Basically, the fans assume that Peter Lim will not meet the requirements required by the government and therefore will not be able to complete the construction of the new stage. Immediately afterwards, Valencianism can use this alibi to pressure Lim to sell the team. However, the Singaporean is skilled and won’t give up easily.

A political party is contributing to Peter Lim leaving Valencia FC

The position of the VOX spokesman in the Valencian Community is clear: he wants to free the Asian businessman once and for all from the power that he has exercised for more than a decade in the black and white team. To achieve this, Juan Manuel Bádenas will stick to his idea of ​​not approving the urban planning documents that allow the resumption of work in the Nou Mestalla.

This move favors Valencia CF’s potential buyers, who have not made a move since Peter Lim demanded exorbitant sums of money from them. But at the same time it affects the interests of the Singaporean businessman, which will be forced to sell because it has no government support to complete work on the stadium that could host the 2030 World Cup.

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