Peter Lim caught with fictitious capital gains at Valencia CF

In Italy, a team was already punished for carrying out these same financial tricks and now the turn could be for the Valencianista team due to an operation in 2019

The Valencia CF is in the eye of the hurricane thanks to its owner Peter Lim and other managers for the case of the fictitious gains. For those unrelated to the term, this is an illegal accounting maneuver from a justice perspective. It is about inflating the price of a player and agreeing with another team so that both benefit.

Usually this movement of the fictitious capital gains It is done when two clubs are going to execute a barter. If, for example, the players in question have a base price of 10 million euros, the documents agree that their prices will be 30, 40 or 50 kilos. This to generate profits and thus clean up all balances in red.

Valencia and Barcelona could be sanctioned due to the barter between Neto and Cillessen in 2019.

Valencia CF carried out this maneuver of fictitious capital gains with the Neto-Cillessen barter

In the summer market of 2019, Barcelona and Valencia agreed to the barter operation with the goalkeepers Neto Murara and Jasper Cillessen. The Brazilian arrived at the Catalan entity at a price of 26 kilos when its real commercial value was 18 kilos. In the case of the Dutchman, he landed at the Mestalla for a sum of 35 million euros and the real figure was 18.

Some call this maneuver a ruse to fix the negative accounts of the club and thus be able to go unnoticed by accounting entities. However, the Valencia Anti-Corruption Prosecutor is already aware of the situation and will begin investigations as soon as possible. The same happens in Barcelona with the justice departments in charge.

In Italy they already set an example for using fictitious capital gains

There is already a precedent for the case of fictitious capital gains and the punished team was nothing more and nothing less than Juventus from Turin. On this occasion, the ruse was done in 2020 and once again splashes the Barca team. The barter between the homegrown players Alejandro Marqués and Matheus Pereira in the winter market and that of Arthur Melo-Miralem Pjanic in the summer.

The Italian justice system has already carried out its respective investigations and found the Vecchia Signora guilty of this fraudulent process. The punishment began due to the economic sanction to the team and likewise a sanction of 15 points less in the current season. Then, former president Andrea Agnelli, former sports director Fabio Paratici, and former general manager Maurizio Arrivabene were removed from office.

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