Home Sports Peter Federico conquers the Mestalla in an incredible way

Peter Federico conquers the Mestalla in an incredible way

The Black and Whites’ new player is gradually convincing the fans

Peter Federico was one of the new signings won by Valencia CF at the last winter market. And on the far right was an explicit request from Rubén Baraja to Peter Lim, which was immediately complied with by the leadership. Although there were doubts at the start due to his youth, he is a quality player who can offer a lot.

Let’s remember this Peter Federico was part of Real Madrid Castilla and due to his projection he entered the orbit of Valencia CF. The coach of the Ché club requested the registration of an offensive element in order to have variants and one of the best options was that of the striker of Dominican origin.

Peter Federico Valencia
The winger is hoping for a triumph at the Mestalla

Peter Federico has arrived at Valencia CF with full force: he wants to impress the fans with good performances

In this way, it was established that the player is already focused on his present at the Mestalla club, leaving aside his past with the Meringues. That’s what the team’s fans like nowas there were some doubts, but these were immediately cleared up.

In this order of ideas, Peter Federico conquered Valencia CF in incredible fashion. He did it through his social networks, where it adds up even though it has no relevance. Many appreciate that he removed the letters “rm” from his name on Instagram in a nod to his former team.

The footballer has removed the references to meringue in his username from his social networks

This is the case, and although it may be a minor problem, it is still a positive for the black and white. Realize that Now he has a career far away from Chamartín and has to rewrite his story from scratch. In addition, there are supporters of the club who limit themselves to saying that this is because they realized that they are professional footballers and should not refer to a team.

In any case, Peter Federico not only impresses with his football, he also does so with his actions, as it wants to start being relevant. He is currently available to play for Rubén Baraja for the rest of the season. Then we have to wait and see whether his contribution is crucial for the Ché.

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