Pet dogs kill their own owner

In the United States, a 60-year-old owner intervened to stop a domestic dog fight, when angry dogs attacked and killed their own owner.

The incident took place in the US state of Pennsylvania, where a 60-year-old woman named Rodawagner kept a lot of dogs and she loved these animals very much. But she had no idea that the animals she loved so much would cost her her life.

According to foreign media, eyewitnesses of the incident said that two pet dogs of the woman were fighting with each other when Rodawagner intervened to end their fight but the dogs were mad with rage. Attacked and killed him.

When police found Rora’s body after the dogs attacked, it was difficult to identify her because the dogs had scratched her badly. Pet House has kept the attacking dogs since the incident, but people have asked to kill the bloodthirsty dogs.

People around are also shocked after this incident. No one can believe that the woman who loved dogs so much is not alive today because of them.

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