Peruvian host fires the producer of his program live

The Peruvian communicator Andres Hurtadoknown for his controversial comments, is on everyone’s lips, this time, for firing the producer of his television show “Sábado con Andrés” live, during a new edition of the Miss Peru La Pre beauty contest.

Hurtado had to interrupt the round of questions to the candidates when he read the annotation that said “medium” instead of “fear”, which made the driver angry, who approached José Malpartida, in charge of the production of the television space.

“‘Media?’ That’s right, what do you consider to be your greatest medium or is the question asked wrong? Let’s see, production, it can be fear,” Hurtado said before heading towards Malpartida.

The entertainer asked the producer to finish his work for that night and leave everything in charge of someone else, shocking everyone present.

“I am the one who shows the face, the contestants are in front and I ask you please, otherwise I would like you to step aside as producer of the program ‘Saturday with Andrés’. Leave your position to one of the boys, yes? Thank you. Sorry, here the heads are cut off immediately, I cannot allow it. End the program and leave your job, “he said.

The presenter was in the news a few days ago by assuring that his daughters, Josetty and Gennesis, did not participate in Miss Peru for “feítas”.

“How much I would have wanted my daughters to compete for Miss Peru… it’s that they turned out ugly. You have to talk about what it is. You know that Josetty is more chacadita, the one who can is Genesis,” he said.

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