Peru’s Prosecutor’s Office requests prison for former chief of staff and former ministers

Lima (BLAZETRENDS) of former President Pedro Castillo.

“(The) Second Transitory Supreme Prosecutor Specialized in Crimes Committed by Public Officials requested preventive detention for 18 months for the former president of the Council of Ministers, Betssy Chávez Chino, and former ministers Willy Huerta Olivas and Roberto Sánchez Palomino,” the Public Ministry wrote in his official Twitter account.

It added that the measure “corresponds to the criminal proceedings that are being followed as co-perpetrators of the crime of rebellion and, alternatively, conspiracy.”

Chávez, Huerta and Sánchez are under investigation for their alleged participation in the self-coup on December 7 Castillo.

The ex-president announced in a message to the nation that he was dictating the closure of Parliament, the establishment of a “national emergency” Executive.

In addition, he was going to rule by decree and the reorganization of the justice system.

Accused by the Parliament and the Prosecutor’s Office of Peru

Last March, the three ex-ministers of Castillo’s last cabinet were constitutionally accused by Parliament.

After the plenary session approved the complaint filed against him by the National Prosecutor’s Office (general) for this same case, for which the former president is already serving an 18-month preventive detention order.

The Peruvian Chamber also gave the green light to suspend Chávez in the exercise of his legislative functions, during the criminal proceedings against him.

But he did not approve the same measure for Sánchez, who retains his seat in the chamber.

Last January, the former head of the ministerial cabinet declared before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of Congress that she did not agree “with the measure” announced by Castillo, and ruled out having had knowledge of the content of the presidential message.

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The current president, Dina Boluarte, has pointed to Chávez as one of the main people responsible for the political crisis facing Peru.

For allegedly pressuring Castillo to make the decision to announce a self-coup.

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