Peru trusts that Toledo will respond to justice

Lima (BLAZETRENDS). The Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Peru, José Tello, affirmed that they are confident that former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) will finally be extradited from the United States to the Andean country to respond to justice, despite the “dilatory maneuvers” by part of the former president

“We must wait for the deadlines established by the US justice and in particular be confident that this gentleman (Toledo) will end up responding to the Peruvian justice, because there is a decision from the United States Government regarding his extradition,” said the minister at the Peruvian radio station Radio Nacional.

Tello declared that there is a position on the part of the United States to extradite him, but that on the part of the ex-president they are seeing “delaying maneuvers before an American Judiciary that is a guarantee of due process.”

Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo, in a file image. BLAZETRENDS/Eduardo Munoz

He also mentioned that Toledo “mysteriously” has the resources to maintain an important legal defense before the courts of the North American country.

In this sense, he recognized that this type of situation generates “concern, mistrust and discouragement.”

This Friday, a United States judge annulled the arrest warrant that was to be executed this Friday against Toledo to be extradited to his country, where he is accused of corruption for the Odebrecht plot.

The former president of Peru, who resides in San Francisco (California), should have been arrested this Friday at 9:00 a.m. on the west coast of the United States (11:00 a.m. from Lima and 4:00 p.m. GMT).

But California Judge Thomas Hixson struck down the arrest warrant after an appeals court on Thursday upheld a request by Toledo’s defense to delay extradition for 14 days.

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“Since Toledo currently cannot be extradited, the court is quashing his arrest warrant and directing sheriffs not to detain him,” Hixs reported.

Former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo, in a file image. BLAZETRENDS/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/File

For his part, the former president has alleged “material errors” in the resolution of said United States court that ordered his arrest, which will have to be resolved after the 14-day suspension of the process, noted this Friday the Peruvian attorney Silvana Carrión.

The ad hoc (special) prosecutor for the Lava Jato case in Peru explained to the local radio station RPP Noticias that Toledo’s defense has indicated that there were “some formal errors” in the resolution of the Ninth Circuit Court located in San Francisco.

“In other words, there was probably some mistake in some name or some place in the wording of the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court,” Carrión noted.

According to the Peruvian State attorney, “these material errors are what Mr. Toledo alleged when presenting his motion for emergency suspension.

Alejandro Toledo is one of the first former heads of state to be investigated and prosecuted for the bribery scandal of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in Peru, following the alleged receipt of 34 million dollars in bribes for the construction of various sections of the highway. Interoceanic and other infrastructure works.

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