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Peru: they file complaints of an alleged fraud to favor Pedro Castillo

Peru: they file complaints of an alleged fraud to favor Pedro Castillo

From Lima

With the right maneuvering, with significant media support, to destabilize his government, President Pedro Castillo received good news these days. The Prosecutor’s Office filed as inadmissible the complaints of alleged electoral fraud to favor him, raised by his defeated rival Keiko Fujimori and his far-right allies with the intention of delegitimizing his victory. Although there was no evidence to support the story of electoral fraud, this maneuver to try to prevent the winner of the elections from assuming the presidency found a wide echo in the hegemonic press. And in the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, who became an international promoter of Fujimorism and his far-right proposal. But that did not reach them. The national electoral bodies and all international observers rejected the false claim of fraud and endorsed the elections as clean and fair. And now the Prosecutor’s Office consolidates those decisions by filing the fraud complaints that were prosecuted. A decision that has had little media coverage in the country, unlike the great display that the media gave to the false accusations of fraud at the time.

no evidence

Faced with its electoral defeat, Fujimorism, with the support of most of the press, came out to denounce alleged irregularities in the voting in rural Andean areas, where Castillo, a rural teacher who comes from these impoverished and marginalized regions, had widely earned. He demanded that 200,000 votes in favor of Castillo be annulled, which would turn the election around, which the left-wing trade unionist won by 44,000 votes. The accusation was based on denouncing an alleged falsification of the signatures of the polling station prosecutors (chosen by lottery among the citizens), which, the defeated parties assured without showing evidence, would reveal an impersonation of those electoral prosecutors by unknown persons to manipulate the vote. count of votes in favor of Castillo. This story, armed with a lot of imagination and no solid evidence, collapsed despite wide media support. Nothing serious sustained her.

The National Elections Jury dismissed all complaints of electoral fraud due to lack of support. Now the Prosecutor’s Office has ratified that decision. The Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the electoral prosecutors allegedly affected by the denounced impersonation declared before the judicial authorities that they had not been impersonated, presented evidence of having been at the polling stations on the day of the vote and it was verified that the signatures that were denounced as false they were his. The final blow to a complaint of electoral fraud that from the beginning was revealed to be false and as a rude coup maneuver against legitimate elections because the result did not please the right.


Fujimorism denounced an alleged fraud in hundreds of polling stations, in each of them there are 300 registered voters. But only a minority, 23 tables, came before the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify the complaint. The vast majority of cases were so weak that they were not even enough to open a tax investigation. Of those 23 cases, the Prosecutor’s Office has already reviewed six and has decided to file them. The pending cases are similar to those already rejected.

“This decision by the Prosecutor’s Office now demonstrates at the level of legal certainty that there has been no type of event that could have represented a possibility of electoral fraud. This judicially confirms the fairness of the elections. An opposition that does not recognize its electoral defeat is left out of the game and that to this day maintains a coup speech, which continues to invoke the fraud, seeking to delegitimize President Castillo. That so few of the reported cases have reached the Prosecutor’s Office shows that the bulk of what was reported was not serious and did not generate any possibility of considering that there was a crime. The other 17 cases that are yet to be defined in the Prosecutor’s Office are similar to those already archived and there is no doubt that they should be resolved in the same way,” he told Page 12 lawyer Julio Arbizu, a former anti-corruption attorney who was part of Castillo’s legal team that successfully defended the legitimacy of his electoral victory.

legislative commission

But despite the abundant evidence that rules out alleged electoral fraud, in Congress, where the ruling party is in the minority, the right-wing opposition has imposed the strength of its votes and has created a commission to investigate the elections. The objective is to seek to delegitimize Castillo’s electoral victory. “This commission is typical of a Parliament that has a coup plot. After this judicial decision, this parliamentary commission is ridiculed because the Prosecutor’s Office has already said that what it is investigating does not exist “Arbizu points out.

With this fiscal decision against the false story of electoral fraud, the extreme right-wing coup suffers a blow, but continues plotting to overthrow the government. In December he already unsuccessfully attempted a parliamentary coup. Castillo is harassed and attacked without pause. And government mistakes, such as questionable appointments or hesitations to make decisions, complicate the president.




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