For the past week, the coasts north of Lima, the capital of Peru, have been ravaged by an oil spill. The authorities denounce a natural disaster.

The images are absolutely stunning, the capital, Lima (Peru) experiences a very rare natural disaster. Its coasts to the north are submerged by an oil spill. A tanker lost several thousand barrels of crude oil, which caused considerable damage. Now is the time to clean up. Volunteers and employees are united in order to clean up, however the task is immense.

“I have lived here for thirty-five years, and that worries me a lot because we are very affected”deplores a Peruvian inhabitant, in the edition of Saturday January 22 of the 19/20. About twenty beaches are contaminated by oil. An event caused by a volcano erupting on the islands Tongawhich caused a gigantic swell to cross the Pacific and rock a tanker before it unloaded its cargo.

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