Peru prohibits the entry of Evo

The Government of Peru reported yesterday Monday that it prohibited the entry into the country of former Bolivian President Evo Morales and eight other citizens of that country, whom it accuses of having carried out “activities of a proselytizing political nature” that have affected the “national security” of the country. .

“In recent months, foreign citizens of Bolivian nationality have been identified who entered the country to carry out activities of a proselytizing political nature, which constitutes a clear affectation of our immigration legislation, national security and the internal order of Peru” , remarked the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) in a statement.

The official note emphasized that Peru “is a sovereign and democratic country, whose immigration regulations establish that all foreign citizens in the national territory have the duty to conduct themselves in compliance with the legal system, especially with regard to national security and internal order.” .

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