Peru imposes sanctions on pharmacies that sell non-prescription medicines against dengue

The Ministry of Health of Peru reported this Saturday that it promoted new measures to fight dengue, such as Penalize pharmacies that sell over-the-counter drugs to combat this disease, which already accumulates 100,000 infections in the country.

“There is no dengue treatment, only clinical management that must be carried out in health establishments. Unexpected operations will be carried out and it will be reported to the corresponding authorities for their respective sanction. It will be reported because this is a crime.”said the Vice Minister of Public Health, Karim Pardo, in a statement released by the institution.

Pardo specified that the Health portfolio registers patients who have self-medicated before arriving at the care post, complicating their condition, for which they are going to seek to penalize pharmacies that are providing non-prescription treatments against dengue.

According to the latest figures from the ministry, so far in 2023 there have been 98,760 cases of this disease, a number much higher than the 38,877 that were reported in all of last year.

On the other hand, the statement detailed that some people “are making use of digital platforms to carry out comments and recommendations without scientific basis, with the purpose of misinforming the population and promoting the consumption of ivermectin and other products”, before which he recommended that citizens make the respective complaint, through Line 113.

The ministry has launched several measures to combat the increase in cases, For example, to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, families must supervise the containers where water is stored, as well as wash, brush and cover them tightly.

Also eliminate vases with water, including bamboo or replace water with wet sand, identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites, such as old bottles, buckets, tires or any surface where it can accumulate.

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“The health personnel will visit, door to door, the homes, where they will supervise and educate how to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites. In addition, they will apply the pyriproxyfen larvicide to containers with water, to prevent the reproduction of the mosquito,” said the deputy minister. .

Local media reported that the situation is especially worrying in the northern department of Piura, where there are 24 deaths from dengue, more than 30,000 infections are exceeded and some hospitals are collapsed.

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