Peru: faced with disputes, President Dina Boluarte asks Parliament to bring forward the elections to 2023

It is a new attempt by the President of Peru to get out of the crisis. Dina Boluarte asked Parliament on Friday January 27 to advance the general elections to December 2023.

The electoral calendar had already been brought forward, from 2026 to April 2024, in order to accede to a demand from the demonstrators. “However, the protests continue, there are more blockages and violence”recognized Dina Boluarte on Friday.

Since December, thousands of demonstrators have demanded the departure of the president. She had been appointed on an interim basis after the dismissal in early December by Parliament of the former president-elect, Pedro Castillo.

Shortages and price spikes

The demonstrations that are rocking the country have killed at least 46 people since the start of the protest in December 2022. Opponents of the regime denounce police repression.

Several roads are blocked in the country, which is starting to experience shortages and soaring prices. Peru is at a standstill and its tourist gem of Machu Picchu has closed its doors.

Demonstrations continue daily. In addition to the immediate resignation of the President and of Parliament, the protesters demand the establishment of a Constituent Assembly.

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