Perpignan: Islamist flags and military garb discovered in an apartment

The police made a strange discovery in an apartment in Perpignan (Eastern Pyrenees), this Wednesday, August 11, we learned from the sources that corroborate this Friday.

A concerned owner had called the police. The latter had not seen his tenant for two weeks and was beginning to wonder about the foul smell emanating from the apartment.

The police entered the empty apartment. They found garbage, knives, but also Islamist flags and military garb, the regional newspaper reports. Free noon.

The tenant cannot be found. “It is a very delicate matter that is currently in the hands of the National Police and specialized services,” said a police source in this context. Figaro. She added “not wanting to comment.”

The accommodation had already been raided in May.. Later, the tenant was arrested and taken into police custody.

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