Permission to send UN aid to Syria via Turkey

The Syrian government allowed the UN to send aid through Turkey.

According to international media reports, the Syrian government says that the United Nations can deliver aid from Turkey for six months. The Syrian government has approved the UN’s use of a border crossing from Turkey to continue delivering aid to opposition-held northwest Syria for another six months after the Security Council failed to renew its authorization for the operation. Is.

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bassam Sabbagh clarified in a letter written to the Security Council that the delivery of UN aid "”In full cooperation and coordination with the Syrian government.”

On Tuesday, Russia blocked a nine-month extension of a key Syrian aid route at the UN Security Council, casting doubt on the vital mechanism that has provided life-saving aid to millions of people. Moscow instead proposed a six-month extension.

However, it was also rejected by the Security Council, with only Russia and China voting in favor, and the United States, Britain, and France voting against.

A UN-brokered deal allowing aid to be sent from Turkey to rebel-held areas of Syria expired on Monday.

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