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Perfume’s Club launches a virtual makeup fitting room

The online perfumery and beauty store Perfume’s Club has premiered this July a new virtual tester function, so that your users can easily see how they feel about the more than 100 makeup products from brands as recognized as L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme that already include this option in their corresponding tabs.

Products that incorporate this function include a specific icon in the web indexes, so they are easily identifiable. Once inside the product sheet, just click on the virtual fitting room option to access this feature. Its operation is very simple and intuitive, with the possibility both using the camera in real time and uploading a photograph of ourselves.

The process is very natural and immediate regardless of whether we use the camera of a mobile device or a computer, and whatever the product category we choose: face, lips, eyes, or eyebrows. In either case, the tester uses the augmented reality technology from the ModiFace app, which was acquired by L’Oréal in 2018 and has now been integrated into the Perfume’s Club website to offer this feature, after having been perfected over the years.

In this way, the tester shows us very precisely and automatically how they would fit us various products such as foundation and concealer, lipstick, mascara, eyebrow makeup And a long etcetera. In addition, it is also possible toggle between the color tones of each product instantly, in order to choose the variety that we like the most.

A value-added feature for the online channel

Very few companies still have this advanced technology, which represents a important plus to retain users and offer a better service, and that helps them in their decision making when buying a certain product. It is a technological element that brings a clear benefit to the consumer, and that encourages them to interact when they visit the Perfume’s Club website.

On the other hand, it is important to point out how a service of this type is especially convenient in these times, in which Health regulations limit the possibility of testing this type of product in physical establishments. In this way, the virtual dressing room not only makes e-commerce shorten distances from offline and offers an experience close to it, but at this time it even provides a service that the physical channel cannot provide.

Undoubtedly, these types of services are very important for differentiate yourself, help improve the experience and attract new users, which can be difficult in an environment as competitive as e-commerce. A virtual fitting room of these characteristics, with proven quality technology such as ModiFace’s, is further proof that Perfume’s Club is the online perfumery and beauty store that is most committed to innovation and the implementation of new technologies on its website, with the benefit that this implies for its users.

The more than 100 products currently available with virtual fitting rooms at Perfume’s Club will be gradually added to many more over the coming months, allowing customers to take advantage of this feature across an even broader catalog.

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