Perfumerías Avenida beat Valencia this Sunday (55-44) the first game of the Final of the Endesa Women’s Basketball League, in an intense game, very defensive, with low shooting percentages, especially by the Valencians, with three players eliminated by personnel and with the coach from Salamanca expelled for two techniques.

The detail of this match was seen in the final result, with few goals in two teams accustomed to exceeding 70 and 80 points per gameand with a team like Valencia that did not hit a triple during the 40 minutes and that in the last quarter he only managed six points.

In the first ten minutes, there was great intensity in the game, especially under the hoops, with excellent defenses by both teams, and with counterattack attempts masterfully carried out by Queralt Casas, who prevented the artillerymen from Salamanca, Kati Samuelson or Copper fluency in attack.

However, despite Hof having to retire with two fouls in seven minutes, the Salamanca team managed to take control of the game with +8 after two consecutive treble strikes by Kati Samuelson that forced Rubén Lagos to ask for his first time out.

During this first quarter, the Salamancans were very solid against the Valencians, they pressed a lot, and well, the ball when Valencia had it, which generated difficulties in their game and in finding baskets with ease, which made the Avenida will finish these ten minutes with +10.

The second quarter began with the seventh loss by Valencia and with a failed triple and with a hoop passed by Ouviña also missed, which caused a change in mentality with a more direct game, and with better shots, with a 2-4 result. that ‘forced’ Roberto Íñiguez to request time-out for the Salamanca team.

There were many losses on the part of both teams, but Valencia found themselves little by little in the game, being more vertical in attack while the Salamanca team continued to do their thing, with quick attacks, although without much success that prevented the take-off in marker.

The two teams went to the changing rooms after ten minutes with a low score (11-13), in which the quality of the two defenses was demonstrated, with Hof having three fouls by the Salamanca team, and with Ouviña he began, for the Valencians, to develop his great game.

The return of the changing rooms began with two great consecutive baskets by Copperand another one in an individual play, a surprising technique to Roberto Íñiguez and two new losses by the Valencians.

Copper began to appear, Fasoula was a great wall under his rim, while Ouviña or Casas did not see the basket easily, and the attacking rebound was preferred for the Salamanca team, aspects that made Perfumerías Avenida will achieve the greatest difference on the scoreboard, +13.

In this room, the referees signaled a technical foul to Roberto Íñiguez, coach of Perfumerías Avenida, due to protests against a personal foul made by center Fasoula, which led to his expulsion from the game and left his second, Raquel Romo, in charge. of the team.

This expulsion provoked the reaction of Valencia, which came within six points of Avenida, with a great Ouviña and with Raquel Carrera becoming strong both in attack and defense.

The party was alive at the beginning of the last quarter, with too many players with four personals and with a Valencia that had not scored a single triple in the previous 30 minutes, while Perfumerías Avenida started the last ten minutes without Roberto Íñiguez directing his team.

Intensity in each play, in each ball that was disputed, as with the elimination of Rebecca Allen by five personalities that caused the protests of Rubén Burgos, the Valencian coach, and was sanctioned with a technique that led, once again, the Salamanca team to expand the differences.

With three minutes to go, Ouviña achieved the first basket for Valencia, although it did not serve to spur on her teammateswho continued to shoot erratically despite the intensity with which they disputed each ball, both in defense and attack.

Perfumerías Avenida harvests, in this way, this first match won in the Final, thanks to the defense and everything is pending what happens next Thursday in Valencia, in La Fonteta from 8:30 p.m.


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