Perfluorinated pollution almost generalized in France in surface water, according to Générations Futures

Perfluorinated pollution is almost generalized in France in surface water analyses, according to Générations Futures which publishes Thursday 12 January the conclusion of a report. The environmental association, which fights against chemical pollution, wanted to make an inventory of the presence of these chemical compounds in surface water.

Perfluorides are frequently found in our daily lives, in our kitchen or in our living room. In particular, they prevent food from adhering and also serve as fire-fighting foam. But they are mostly persistent in nature. Some are also suspected of causing cancer, or of having effects on the hormonal and reproductive system.

Based on the 2020 water quality database, the association found that the presence of perfluorides in the samples analyzed affects practically all of France, except for five departments. Générations Futures considers that this pollution in surface waters is underestimated and worrying. From Friday, Europe must consider a proposal to restrict these chemical compounds in our daily lives.

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