The Real Betis Balompié He has made a deep analysis about his current needs and based on this he has come up with a somewhat unexpected plan, which is to go for Fabian Ruiz. Although for many it is an expletive, teasing, the truth is that the options are supported by the current conditions of his contract in Italy.

Ends in summer 2023, and as long as there is no renewal agreement, he will be a free player to negotiate with whoever he sees fit. To that the line of command of the Andalusian club sticks, which at the same time seeks to make room appealing to the desire of the protagonist who is at some point to return home and who considers the team of his loves.

In the last hours through the different social networks, the administration has advanced a survey, in which it is intended to know the general opinion on the matter. As expected, doubts have arisen, but it is more due to the current situation and the level of demands of a world-class figure. Aspects such as the value of your token and the desire for professional growth have come onto the scene.

In any case, the normal traffic of your case has been very congested in the last time. It has been known that the southern Italian team has not been flexible, and that it has avoided entering into negotiations until they receive a juicy offer, which is around 80 million euros. It seems like a utopia, but they hold on and that is what prevails at this moment.

But for their contract to end, it takes more than a season and a half, and in that time they will be able to freely negotiate with whoever wants to set the price that appears in their contract. In such a way that there are many threats and the one that scares the most is that of the mattress club. Atlético by order of Simeone has gotten into the fight and hopes to be able to compete frankly on that issue.


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