Home Sports Pepelu: “I don’t see myself as a traitor”

Pepelu: “I don’t see myself as a traitor”

Pepelu: "I don't see myself as a traitor"

pepelu, a new Valencia player, has been presented in the Mestalla press room. The footballer, who joins the Ché team from Levante, He does not see himself as “a traitor” for having signed for Valencia. “People’s opinion doesn’t matter to me, I think It has been the best for all three parties”, assured the midfielder who signs until 2028 and still does not know what number he will wear on his back this season.

acknowledgment: “The first thing is to thank Valencia for the trust and welcome of the fans”.

Message to the fans of Levante and Valencia: “I understand how people can feel. I can only wish the best for Levante. And to the Valencia fans that I am here to give my all and be an ambitious team and that people be proud of us”.

Where do you look most comfortable on the field?: “I have talked a lot with the coach. I can perform well at 8 and 6. I’ll play wherever the coach wants”.

Quico Catalán said that things could be done very well, well or badly. How do you think things have been done?: “Things have been done well because the three parties have come out winning. I’m happy to be here. It turned out quickly, which is what we were all looking for”.

Feeling: “That a big club like Valencia bet on you is very important. It is something that says a lot about this club. And now it’s up to me to show on the pitch what they’ve paid for me”.

Does it create responsibility for you that they have paid the clause for you?: “It is a challenge for me to play in First Division again. It does not generate any extra responsibility for me that they have paid the clause ”.

Aim: “The club has transmitted to me that it wants to grow, that people are proud of us.”

What reaction did you have when the signing took place?: “Reaction of happiness. That a big club like Valencia thinks of you is a source of pride”.

Project: “Be ambitious, grow all together. Our starting point is that. And I am sure that it will be here”.

Traitor: “I don’t care about people’s opinions. I don’t feel like a traitor. We all knew the situation of the club last year. We signed something with an illusion but the thing did not happen. In the end it was the best for all three parties”.

Companions: “The changing room is incredible from the first day I arrived. The day to day is very good, a lot of young people”.

What did Corona tell you?: “Corona gave me his confidence and it has been easier”.

Responsibility: “This shirt carries a lot of responsibility. It’s a big club and I’m very proud to be here”.

Who has hosted you?: “The first was Jaume who told me that he had saved the place for me. The captains have also helped me. All my colleagues have been there so that I need it and this is very important for the new people”.

What has Baraja transmitted to you?: “It was very natural with me. He told me that he wanted me to be myself, that he had followed me. I can provide the balance that I can give to the team, both defensively and offensively. For me the team is the most important thing”.

Many people from Valencia in the team: “It’s very important. The DNA is carried by the people of the house, it makes compact changing rooms. And when you don’t have a good time, the dressing room will cover you”.

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