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Pepe Costa, the "right hand" of Messi, he was fired by Barcelona

The Spanish Pepe Costa is almost literally “the right hand” of Lionel Messi, where he arrived due to his position as head of the “Player Service” office of Barcelona. Before leaving Rosario to go to Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Costa was fired by the authorities of the Catalan club.

Who is Pepe Costa, inseparable from Messi

Costa can be seen in any accompanying image. Messi off the playing field, at any time and place of the year, whether in the middle of the football season or on vacation, and also in the Argentine National Team concentrations.

Over the years, Costa moved away from the day-to-day management of the area for which he had been hired by the club and approached Messi. He achieved a close relationship with his family environment, which is why he is usually present at any intimate celebration. Their bond is so strong that their contract with Barcelona ended on June 30, pending a decision on the future of Messi.

Once the transfer of Messi to PSG from Barcelona they confirmed to Costa the termination of the link. It was not a concern because Rosario placed among the considerations of his contract that Costa accompany him at the French club.

Son of Neymar and Costa

In any case, access to the Parisian entity was previously granted because Álvaro, son of Pepe Costa, fulfills the same “right-hand man” function as that of the Brazilian Neymar.

As for Costa’s replacement, in Barcelona’s “Attention to the player” department, the choice is overwhelming. it’s about Joel González Bonilla, 32 years old (Costa, former defender of Sabadell, Murcia and Salamanca, is already 50 years old), who has the greatest scrolls as a Spanish Olympic representative in Taekwondo.

Is that González Bonilla, born in Figueres, was nothing less than a gold medal in London 2012, bronze in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and world champion in 2009 and 2011. He has a degree in Criminology, He has already retired from taekwondo and will now attend all the other “culés” football players.


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