People continue with the “cry to heaven” for the increases in the basic basket

In a tour carried out by Listín Diario by colmados, markets and supermarkets, the price fluctuation between one business and the other, although all the buyers of these merchants have something in common: their complaints about price hikes. However, without knowing if it is an error, the Fair Prices application places the same amounts on most products in grocery stores and supermarkets, while some Consumers assure that they can no longer stand the increases. 

The same state application also places some prices below the shops consulted by Listín Diario. For example, a pound of lemon appears at RD$27 in supermarkets, but in Listín’s tour of these stores it was observed that they are being sold at RD$74. Bananas appear on the app for RD$14 a piece, but they sell for around RD$28.

The price of a pound of boogaloo tomato on the app is RD$30 and in supermarkets it is RD$32. In the app, beef appears at RD$172 per pound while in supermarkets it is sold for RD$220 on average.

A pound of pork is sold for RD$180 in these businesses, but in the application consulted the price posted is RD$98.

The five-pound bag of white sugar is sold for RD$169 on average, but in Fair Prices it appears at RD$159; while the potato is worth RD$35 and appears in the application with RD$22.

In the same application there are other prices that appear higher than what is actually offered in supermarkets, such as a pound of onion, which in Fair Prices costs RD$53 and is sold for RD$43. The same happens with garlic, which costs RD$128 and appears in the application at RD$143.

The eggs appear at RD$214 and are being sold for RD$198 per carton of 30. 

Prices on similar averages between the government application and supermarkets are 10-pound field rice that costs RD$339 on average, a pound of salami about RD$126, and a one-liter carton of milk that ranges from RD$55 to RD$72. , as well as 16-ounce soybean oil with an estimated price of RD$94.

In the tour with these businesses, such as the New Market on Duarte Avenue and the one in Villa Consuelo, people showed their relief.

Michel Pérez, a meat vendor in Duarte, commented that “not even the butchers themselves eat meat, what we can buy is eggs to give to our children.”

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for Michelle, the government has to find a way to lower the cost of living because it is already becoming unsustainable.

While one of the buyers, a mother of three daughters, complained that no one is regulating business because she goes to the grocery store by her house and in one the rice is for RD$30, in another it is RD$32 and in another it is RD$35.

In the markets, the prices are also different from those in the Fair Prices application. In some cases they are lower and in others they are higher.

these were yesterday’s prices of the markets covered by Listín Diario. Soybean oil in 16 ounces costs between RD$90 and RD$95, a pound of Campo rice between RD$25 and RD$38, a pound of garlic RD$150, a pound of pork between RD$90 and RD$100 and beef between RD$150 and RD$165, plantains at RD$15 per unit and onions at RD$45 per pound on average.

Meanwhile, pinto beans are worth RD$55 a pound, a 30-piece egg carton costs between RD$160 and RD$190, a pound of fresh chicken is RD$75, ají cubanela is RD$50 a pound, potatoes are RD$30 on average and the beef-free one at RD$165.

In the markets, bougainvillea tomatoes are worth RD$35 a pound, RD$15 a pound of yucca, green pigeon peas RD$110 a pound and RD$50 a pound of dried pigeon peas.

grocery stores
In these businesses, the prices of the Fair Prices tool and those of the grocery stores visited are similar on average.

Soybean oil in 16 ounces costs between RD$90, Campo rice RD$35 a pound, garlic RD$150 a pound and onion RD$50 a pound. However, what has surprised the population the most is that green plantains are being sold for RD$25 in grocery stores, a cost that has increased by around RD$10 in less than two weeks.

Eggs are sold for two for RD$15, the water plan for RD$7, a pound of chicken for RD$90, a pound of salami for RD$120, cream sugar for RD$30 and white sugar for RD$35. 

The Cuban chili is worth RD$50 a pound, the potato is RD$35 on average and the one without beef is RD$165.

In the markets, the boogaloo tomato is worth RD$35 a pound, a pound of cassava is RD$15, a liter of milk is around RD$80, and a lemon is RD$15 a unit.

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