People complain but do not stop buying gifts for Valentine’s Day

Dominican citizens are not lost when it comes to pleasing those they love, and the action of doing something is on the rise this Valentine’s Day.

This was evidenced this Tuesday morning in some of the commercial arteries of Greater Santo Domingo, which reported good sales for this day of love and friendship.

The varied offers “it rains” in all business establishments that operate on Venezuela, Mella, Sabana Larga, Charles de Gaulle avenues and on Benito street, in which the red hearts and cupid imagesplaced on the windows, with their arrow ready to shoot, motivate customers to enter the business and purchase a gift for their loved one.

At the Festín de Colores store, The thing “has been good”, or at least that’s how its owner, Maura Salón, described it.

“It has gone very well for us, and that is something that always happens, we already have 23 years of success to this date,” explained the merchant, who said that the most sought after item is balloon flower arrangements. Although at the edge of 10:00 in the morning, the flow was still slow, traders said they are confident that they will do well on February 14.

This is the case of the Samuel Sosa stall, where residents of Santo Domingo Este can go to buy Natural flower arrangements from RD$2,500 to RD$3,600.

They complain, but they buy
In each business visited, those who were interested in purchasing the gift expressed their disgust for the high cost, however, they left with their detail in hand.

“Those flowers are becoming more expensive, but imagine, my wife is worth that and more,” said a client of the García events stand, located on Benito street on Duarte avenue. The same panorama was glimpsed around the stuffed animals, one of the most sought after details on Benito street.

“RD$600 for such a small stuffed animal, let them go out and stealIf it’s not for my son who’s going to school, I’m not wearing anything,” said Martín Figuereo, who was shopping at one of the stores located on Benito de la Duarte street. other gifts

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The new shops that have to do with the making breakfast trays they gain more and more strength and the Dominicans on this Valentine’s Day have chosen to send this type of gift.

With a range of offers ranging from fruit and sweet arrangements to expensive drinks and cake, the merchants who sell trays stated that “it was a good day”, referring to the flow of customers they managed to serve.

“We work to order and personalize everything, we take it wherever the client wants it and at the time they want,” said Mariana Feliz when explaining her business model, which despite having only been in operation for two years, has been two years. of good benefits, as exposed.

In the offices
departments of Human Management They take advantage of the Day of Love and Friendship to encourage bonds of affection among their collaborators, promoting the decoration of spaces and encouraging their sharing.

Hugs, the delivery of chocolates, and small gifts are notorious in the different departments, as well as internal communication congratulating all the staff and encouraging them to cultivate love for others in all the spaces where people work.

Social networks
Advertising on social networks has become intensive and through these the shops offer the most varied offersfrom gifts to offers in restaurants, hotels and other places to share.

Many people taking advantage of offers requested by courier what they wanted to give away weeks in advance.

Likewise, social networks were loaded with messages about the value of friendship and the importance of true love. There was no need for “memes” and funny messages regarding the culture of the population to celebrate this day.

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