People brutally slaughtered more than a thousand dolphins on the coast

Copenhagen: On a beach in Denmark, people saw a horrible scene when the locals brutally slaughtered more than a thousand dolphins.

More than 1,400 white dolphins have been killed in the Faroe Islands near Denmark, according to a BBC report. Was brought

More than 1,400 dolphins were reportedly killed with knives and spears.

The death of the dolphins turned the beach water red, which was a grim sight, said marine biologist Bajrini Macelson. This is the largest number of dolphins ever.

He said the previous record was 1,200 in 1940, 900 in 1879, 856 in 1873 and 854 in 1938.

In the Faroe Islands, marine mammals are traditionally hunted on such a large scale, and are called grinds, mostly in the tradition of whaling, and it is legal to hunt locally. , Which has been in operation for centuries, and according to a government statement, about 600 pilot wheels are caught here every year.

Oliver Jordarberg, chairman of the local Wheelers’ Association, told the BBC that the recent incident was “very shocking” and that many people were angry, but had been allowed to do so by the authorities.


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