Pension Reforms: Paris Becomes Battleground Once Again

Paris: People’s patience has run out against the government’s decision to increase the retirement age by 2 years in France. Riots once again broke out across the city.

Protesters continue to demand the rollback of the said reforms. Agitators set garbage cans on fire, broke traffic lights, some fanatics also vandalized bank windows and ATM machines.

A foreign news agency According to the report During the protests, the streets were set on fire, the protesters clashed with the police after stone pelting, the police fired tear gas shells to disperse the protesters.

It should be noted that yesterday French President Emmanuel Macron approved the controversial pension reform plan without a vote in the National Assembly by resorting to Article 49.3, after which a situation of confrontation arose in the country. Is.

Macron’s move has sparked outrage in France. Many unions were outraged and called for the protests to continue, calling the move anti-democratic.

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