Pello Bilbao is Spain’s great cover for the 2024 tour

Pello Bilbao and his ambitions in the Tour de France: Between stages and the overall ranking

Pello Bilbao, the prominent Bahrain Victorious cyclist, faces a sporting dilemma before the Tour de France 2024. His wish is to concentrate on stage huntingThey strive for individual victories that highlight their skill and determination. However, his team sees in him the potential for something bigger: the fight for honorable places in the overall rankings of the French round.

At 33, Bilbao has proven to be an exceptional team player on the grand tours, supporting teammates such as Mikel Landa and Damiano Caruso in the Giro d’Italia. A role change is now proposed, seeking personal glory through victories in certain stages.

Pello Bilbao tour
His skills, experience and the trust placed in him by his team will be crucial in this important decision.

The Bahrain Victorious team’s vision: A more prominent role for Bilbao

The Bahrain Victorious team does not rule out that Bilbao will be a strong contender in the overall Tour standings. The trust placed in him is reflected in the advice to prepare as if you were going to be the leader of the team. Although they have given him the freedom to choose his goals, they also see in him the ability to get into the top ten and even aspire to higher positions.

Bilbao is at a crossroads, debating whether to follow its desire to focus on the stages or accept the challenge of fighting for the overall standings. This situation is getting worse from the departure of important drivers from the team, such as Mikel Landa and Gino Mäder, expanding the responsibilities and racing schedule for the remaining members.

Bilbao’s reflections on his future in cycling

Pello Bilbao recognizes that being able to focus 100% on the overall standings could improve its results. However, The doubt remains about what is the best strategy for your career. He assumes that with the departure of important teammates he will have to take on more responsibility in future competitions.

In summary, Pello Bilbao is at a crucial moment in his career and has the opportunity to define his role within the organization Bahrain Victorious Team and in the world cycling scene. Your decision to be a stage hunter or overall contender for the 2024 Tour de France will not only determine your strategy in the competition, but also It could be a turning point in your professional career.

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