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Pellegrino buys Vizcaíno’s conformist message

Cádiz CF’s transfer market didn’t go as expected at all, but Mauricio Pellegrino put on a good face and praised the club’s work, in line with Manuel Vizcaíno’s speech

After the difficult decision that Manuel Vizcaíno had to make by firing Sergio González, Mauricio Pellegrino has been appointed Cádiz CF’s new coach. The Argentine faced a difficult challenge as this season it seems harder than ever to achieve the rescue he longs for. A rescue that, like last year, began with success on the winter transfer market.

First, however Manuel Vizcaíno tried not to change the team and to trust those who were. But over time he had to accept the evidence and the club began to work on the different options that the market offered. Some options that convince Mauricio Pellegrino, as he confessed at a press conference.

Pellegrino Vizcaino
Mauricio Pellegrino was satisfied with the transfer market

Mauricio Pellegrino, in line with Vizcaíno’s speech

Last year, Cádiz CF managed to attract the services of players such as Jorge Meré, Gonzalo Escalante, Sergi Guardiola, Youba Diarra, Chris Ramos and Roger Martí. Some of them were essential to salvation. But this year everything has changed, well The Cádiz club only accepted three players.

The three new signings were Diadié Samassékou, Aiham Ousou and Juanmi. Of them, only the latter has experience in LaLiga and the rest by no means guarantee immediate performance. This raises doubts among fans as they believe that in such a delicate situation they need to include players with experience in this category. Nevertheless, Mauricio Pellegrino seemed happy.

Cádiz CF are happy with the third option

With the exception of the case of Juanmi, who was a clear target since it was known that he wanted to leave Saudi Arabia, Aiham Ousou and Diadié Samassékou were not priority options. Rather the complete opposite. The initial defensive options were Yerry Mina and Gattoni, but in the end they chose the Syrian footballer.

The following applies to the middle of the field: Cádiz CF were interested in Idrissu Baba and Amadou Diawara, but he didn’t close any of them. The sporting management therefore had to resort to its last options in order to strengthen the team. Something that doesn’t like the fans at all, who have been gunning for Manuel Vizcaíno for weeks for his ineffectiveness. And Mauricio Pellegrino did not want to publicly confront his president in his recent press conference.

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