Pellegrini: “We will go out looking for Barcelona in their own field”


Xavi praised Betis, you and the team’s game. How do you see the game?

Hopefully it will be a very good match, they are two teams that favor the constructive over the destructive. Hopefully a good game comes out and we win.

Is Barcelona a favourite, although Betis is good?

We come from an important victory. The League is very close, it will be defined by a single point. Barcelona is always a favorite because of its power, but we don’t feel that we are coming to accompany Barcelona, ​​we come to do the best possible with the quality of our players.

Does the Super Cup motivate you, even if it is a short tournament?

In this profession you have to get used to winning, making achievements, titles. Be longer or shorter. It is a special tournament, it allows us to win a title against big teams like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia.

They are missing Álex Moreno, who is going to leave.

It is a major loss. He brings us a lot in attack and defense, he is in a great moment. If it is a sale that solves economic problems, welcome. If it is to save a salary, I would not like it. But it won’t be easy to replace.

Can the substitute arrive soon?

It is not known, the variants are many. The sports area is looking at it. The important thing is that it is someone within the economic conditions and that the squad does not drop too much in that position. Miranda can play there, but we’ll see who plays there.

Can there be another way out?

I maintain the same opinion, as long as it is an exit that solves economic problems, it must be done. For me, no one was sold. At the club there is no intention of buying anyone and this squad is in charge of moving things forward.

This could be his second title with Betis.

It doesn’t motivate me more or less, the motivation is to see the Betis fans that their team is competitive. Winning against Barcelona is the most important motivation. I’m not very given to statistics.

What do you think of Arabia, what Betis will we see here?

I had not had the fortune to come, it is a different, interesting country. Hopefully there will also be a sporting success. We have a game mechanic, we will not go for a tie. We will go look for Barcelona at their field. Let it be a good game, for those who go to the field or for those who watch the game on television.

Will it rotate?

We’ll see the team tomorrow. The rotations depend on a base team and there is not an A team and a B team. If we won the Cup last year and advanced in Europe it was because there was a squad with the necessary performance to change the lineups. We will see which is the best to face Barcelona.

Luiz Felipe: “We will go for them from the first minute”

“Now it is a very important game, Barça is a great team, but we will go for the game from the first minute. Hopefully I can win this Super Cup with Betis, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. The first time I came to Arabia it was very nice and this time the same, when we arrived at the hotel they treated us very well. We are going to do everything to win the Super Cup. The first thought of the team is always to go out and win, we are prepared to play against a great team like Barcelona. Betis can compete with everyone. The Barça forwards are very good, but we also have good players”.


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